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Meet Our Team

Dan Profile.jpg


Dan Swartz

Dan comes from a construction background of 25 years, was an “Engineering Designer” in a manufacturing company for 19 years, and worked in construction as the Operations Manager for 4-1/2 years. During his time in manufacturing, he gained extensive knowledge in KANBAN, identifying problems and creating solutions through procedures and processes. He was also CAD Admin during that time. Dan is good at teaching Purchasing Negotiations and wrote a lot of Excel Spreadsheets to fill the void and solve problems until other solutions could be found as the company grew. He has learned a lot of basic business principles that can help any company get off the ground running or help an established business run smoother.

Mitch Profile.jpg


Mitchell Unzicker

Mitch has a wood working background, but began working alongside Dan doing purchasing, CAD, and warehousing before being moved into the operations department with Dan where he was mentored on the same programs. Mitch has a good understanding of business principles and has knowledge of various tasks which includes writing spreadsheets, graphics design, and smartsheet, each with meticulous attention to detail.

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