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We pride ourselves in finding affordable solutions to increase efficiency and move your business to the next level.

We strive to help you find economical solutions to expensive or challenging business problems.

We aim to give you effective, accurate, and easy tools to help your company become more efficient and profitable.

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About Us

We are a brand new company with over 30 years experience. We provide economical solutions for small businesses by writing custom Excel and custom Smartsheet programs to specifically fit what your company needs. Where applicable, we can take the programs you already have and modify them to make them work instead of creating new ones.  We can help remove the “black holes” in your business where you may be losing track of product, raw materials or service items and more.  Our goal is to save you money by improving efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. This is accomplished by creating programs that work for you instead of using brute force labor to accomplish the same task. We have helped companies create “Organizational Flow Charts” and create/document policies & procedures. Custom programs have been created to perform calculations that will automatically produce “Cut Sheets”, and we have created “Estimation calculators” where just a few dimensions are a required to give a cost. When done manually these tasks are extremely time-consuming.  We have saved companies hours of labor in a day which adds up in dollars. These are just a few ways we have offered solutions to small businesses, helping them save money.


Our Mission

Our mission is to streamline and automate workflows by leveraging the power of Excel and Smartsheet through personalized custom programming, with the goal of increasing business efficiency and value.

Our Vision

Leap Integrations exists to empower small businesses by reducing pinch points in operations, while increasing process visibility, communication, and efficiency through custom software.

Our Values

Without compromise, serve with truth, grace, and humility. Strive to be authentic, trustworthy, and fair in every circumstance. Live this out personally, lead it in business.

Don't be selfish; don't try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.

-Philippians 2:3 (NLT)

Our Services


We have a few “Out of the Box” programs ready for you!

  • We make customized sheets to help you organize whatever need you have.

  • We evaluate what your needs are and help you come up with a plan to resolve the problem.

  • We use Excel for most of the systems we write because of the compatibility and accessibility of the program. This makes it an economical solution for most small businesses!


Smartsheet is an online program that is similar to excel, but has some added benefits. Smartsheet offers many benefits to help in your day to day operations through automation. We can help you identify areas where Smartsheet could be an affordable option for you.

Processes & Procedures

We have a lot of experience in setting up operational procedures and creating programs to help with those procedures. Examples would be quality control, purchasing, change order tracking, service schedule, production schedule, invoicing, and many other procedures necessary to make your company run smoothly. Along with procedures, we provide the documentation to go with the processes and procedures.

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